EIKI名字来源于日语中“映机”的谐音(“EI类似于“A”的发音,“K”与“I”的发音类似于“KEY”的发音,当您看到我们的标语“A-key to better communication.”就能联想到“EIKI”)

秉承销售源于服务、服务不止于销售的理念,爱其(上海)建立了遍布全国大中型城市的售后服务网点;在渠道的建设方面采取“同生共荣,稳定合作”的态度, 目前,在中国已经有近百家授权代理商,借助渠道优势和专业精神,为用户提供更多更好的产品与服务。

  1974年,美国EIKI International Inc 成立,是EIKI第一间海外分公司。
  1986年,EIKI 收购了有着50多年视听行业经验的BELL & Howell公司,从而成为视听行业的NO。1
  1988年,在加拿大的成立子公司EIKI Canada。
  1995年,在德国成立EIKI Deutschland ,GmbH。
  1997年在捷克成立EIKI Czech,建立了遍布欧洲中西部的代理商营销网络,至此在世界主要国家成功建立了EIKI销售渠道。
  2005在 中国上海成立了爱其影像设备(上海)有限公司EIKI Industrial Co., Ltd


  秉承销售源于服务、服务不止于销售的理念,爱其(上海)建立了遍布全国大中型城市的售后服务网点;在渠道的建设方面采取“同生共荣,稳定合作”的态度, 目前,在中国已经有近百家授权代理商,借助渠道优势和专业精神,为用户提供更多更好的产品与服务。
EIKI Projectors ... and more

The name EIKI was born from h183709.the phonetic spelling of the combination of the Japanese words for picture (the sound "ei" as in "the letter "A" or in the word "face") and machine (the sounds "k" and "i" as in the word "key". Think of "A-key to better communication." and you'll think of EIKI.

Founded in 1953 in Japan (Osaka), Eiki Industrial Co. Ltd. recognized it possessed special expertise in the engineering of 16mm Film Projectors, and set out to design and build the best classroom projector possible through a series of stringent and high standard tests.

The EIKI Company has been responsible for many innovative breakthroughs, perhaps the most dramatic being the modularization of the 16mm projector. Since inception, the projector had become not only more sophisticated, but also more complex and expensive to manufacture and maintain. Most manufacturers considered the technology 'mature', but not EIKI.
Applying simple concepts, EIKI engineers designed a projector that utilized half the moving parts of popular projectors of that era and put 80% of those moving parts on 4 modules (sub-assemblies). The result was a projector that cost less to manufacture, was far more reliable and much easier to repair than any other.
This focus on quality made EIKI the largest selling 16mm projectors in the world and is the cornerstone of the company. A new factory was built around the modular design concept which saw a dramatic increase in productivity. Meanwhile, a sophisticated sales network was established across Japan, and an export infrastructure created to support worldwide distribution.

.In the late '80s, in conjunction with several technology partners, EIKI introduced LCD video projection technology and by the early '90's, EIKI was one of only two brands of LCD Video Projectors marketed worldwide. Again, in the mid '90s EIKI brand LCD Projectors led the way into computer projection, with some of the most powerful devices available. Currently, EIKI projectors boast a wide range of more than 40 different models. These include the latest DLP and LCD projectors which range from h183709.a brightness level of 2,000 to 15,000 ANSI lumens meeting all stringent needs of the ever demanding market. Selling concurrently with its projectors is EIKI’s wide array of simple yet advanced IT products. These products incorporated ingenious and innovative ideas. EIKI's state-of-the-art technology ensures that it is always kept to-date to provide customers with the best possible projectors at affordable prices. Today, EIKI has a global distribution sales network and can be found in every major country in the world. These include subsidiaries in key regions of the world like China, Germany, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Canada and the USA.

EIKI has been serving the world for more than 50 years and will continue to do so. Customers can definitely look forward to competitive prices and better functionality of our products from h183709.EIKI as we relentlessly pursue technological breakthroughs and "value innovation". As we continually surge onward in our endeavor to perfect the professional image of EIKI and fine-tune every single detail in our product development, we hope to create the ultimate product for multiple purposes. Be it for education, entertainment, corporate meetings, business communications religious institutions or exhibitions, EIKI will deliver on all accounts as it has a "never give up" and “when the show must go” attitude.

EIKI the future is in our hands. EIKI is communication.

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